Cat Blogging

To keep the cats out of the way of the contractors, we erected a barrier made up of twist-ties and that green plastic snow fencing stuff used to line your gardens to keep little tykes out. We figured it was secure, and we ran some tests, such as putting catnip on the outside, and eating cereal with milk.
When we got back from Florida, we couldn’t find either of the cats. Turns out one had escaped protective custody and had been bantering about the house, bothering the tradespeople all week long. The other one was hiding so well, we had actually passed by her a couple of times, thinking she was just a sheet or a white blanket stuffed into the back of the closet. We even poked her a couple of times without any response. She is definitely a master of disguise, sort of like Zartan from G.I. Joe, except she likes sunlight.
Long story short, for about three hours after we returned, we thought at least one of the cats had gotten outside and was lost. We were just about ready to canvas the neighbourhood with “missing cat” posters, complete with little pictures of her. I figured there are plenty of pictures of the cats floating around this site, but a few recent pics wouldn’t hurt, just in case one really gets lost. Also, it gives me the chance to use my stylish new camera out.
Here’s China, the master of disguise:
Here’s Athena, the escape artist: