Finishing touches

With the exception of a little more paint, some vent covers, and a little bit of cleanup, the kitchen and bar are finished. I’ll try to get some final pictures up later. We also got around to mounting the TV on the wall, and painting the TV room adjacent to the bar — since we were working on the bar, it makes sense to get the TV room as well.
I painted the walls in the upstairs hallway and the dining room, since these were the rooms next to the kitchen, and they were heavily modified when the kitchen was re-done. I’ve still got to scrape some of the old paint off the floor and paint some trim before we’re entirely done. We also need to find places for some things.
The next step will be drywalling the garage/studio (I promise), and clean up the computer room. We’ll be converting it into a guest room at some point, putting a sectional sofa in the TV room, and moving the futon over. I’m in the long, slow process of decommissioning the servers and server rack, probably moving the blog offsite to some place with a little fault tolerance and sticking to using a laptop at home.

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