3D Mailbox: Bring Your Email to Life

Hmm. Have to go with Dee on this one. Worst software ever.

Blogozine: 3D Mailbox: Bring Your Email to Life

The creator of this software knows that he has created the worst software ever, no actually he won’t admit that, he says that’s just what “the haters” are calling it. And if you, like myself, have asked the question “What is the point of this?” the creator of the software says:
“Its point is to bring happiness to people by making email more entertaining. And it does just that. It has gorgeous water, sun, comedy, great Brazilian music and the sound of the sea, seagulls, and tropical breezes. But it also helps you defeat spam in a novel, and very effective way, with an integrated spam filter that actually works like a charm”
But is email supposed to be entertaining? I get an average of 20-30 emails per day, and it takes me quite some time to go through them. So I can’t help but wonder how long will it take me to read my emails if it was walking, swimming and partying around the beach? I wanted to try it out myself, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t hard to install the software, but setting up my email was… add to that my lack of enthusiasm to actually try and make it work.

2 Responses to “3D Mailbox: Bring Your Email to Life

  • I’m glad you agree with me. Actually, I’d like to find someone who doesn’t agree but don’t seem to find any!

  • Oh, don’t get me wrong. Part of me really likes the idea of putting sexy people into a virtual fishbowl. I love the sex parts. I’m a big fan of DOA: Beach Volleyball. I think the Internet’s all about pr0n and pictures of cats with text superimposed on them.
    But email? Who thought this was a good idea?