How I crashed out of the rally

Or, “How I crashed my Porche Cayenne”.
How I crashed out of the rally

As we drove toward the crest of the hill, Kees eased onto the Cayenne’s brakes to slow the car down â.. I’m not sure how fast we were going â.. not knowing what was on the other side.
We expected to drive down the other side; we did not expect the ground to drop out from underneath us.
All four wheels left the ground and we paused to hold on in mid-air before the front-left corner dug into the ground and tipped us forward.
There was a moment when Kees looked over from the driver’s seat to ask if I was okay, only to be cut off by the final impact.
It shattered the windshield into a million pieces, which sent my watch flying from my tensed arm and also detached the engine from the car, skittering off to a landing spot many metres away.