And that was the last they ever heard from him…

A buddy of mine went down to Curacao for a holiday. I haven’t heard from him in a couple of days. I hope he’s OK.
This was the last email I got from him:

The fish and reefs here are excellent. On another note…this seems ominous..
“…Tropical Depression Six approaching the Windward Islands…
A tropical storm watch remains in effect for the northern coast of Venezuela from Cumana to Pedernales including the island of Margarita…and for islands of Aruba…Bonaire and Curacao”

Update: Naw he’s OK. Just sent another message talking about carbon emissions/carbon credits because he flies all the time. Here’s his follow-up report:

I did survive, it went from a tropical storm watch to storm warning, to category 1 hurricane to category 2 hurricane after I emailed you. Luckily it was centred a few hundred miles north, so apart form lots of rain overnight and rough water it was all good. The beach was kind of crazy though, where the surf met the sand was a ledge carved out up to my knees, so almost 1.5 feet of beach lost. My flights got cancelled too, so I had to leave the next day.
On the plus side, fish and reefs were great, very plentiful and healthy. beaches and islanders were very nice. Saw 10 or so squid that were pretty neat, constantly changing colour, hopefully my pics of them turn out.

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