Dad’s Travelog

My mother and father have decided to squander my inheritance the fun way — by taking a cruise. They’re doing a stint aboard one of those enormous floating hotels out of Barcelona and touring the Mediterranean. I think this would be an incredibly fun thing to do myself, though I would pick a much smaller boat, preferably one powered by wind. But what can you do? It’s their trip.
What’s really interesting (and kind of funny) is that my dad’s sending email updates to me — a sort of travel blog. Here’s the two entries I’ve received so far:

Finally on board, now half way from barcelona to nice. big ship!!!!
Waves are 9 feet so we can feel the ship movements. have to hold on to handrails. food is top notch. have booked some land tours at several ports. some we will go on our own. No seasickness so far.
take care we will keep you posted.

Wed 9/19/2007 5:36 AM

we’re at sea today somewhere between athens and corfu. Spent the afternoon in athens at the acropolis and parthenon (still under construction), day before we stopped at santorini. Nice, but why would anyone chose to live on the edge of a volcano? Mum’s looking forward to stopping in dubrovnik. there are a lot of eastern european staff on board and by now they all know mum. food’s great but have to watch the calories. they do have a gym but is seems to be rather empty.
hope all is well at home. take care.

My only wish is that there was more. More description, more scenery, maybe a photo or two. Though, I’m sure I’ll get all the pictures I need when they’re back, and hey — at least he’s writing. I’m not even sure I’d do the same if I were on a cruise.

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