Not so hidden parking lot

I was cycling the other day — it was warm and I’d just tuned up my bike. I drove down to the south end of the Iron Horse trail, and got on the wrong fork near Stirling Ave., ending up in that hidden, overgrown parking lot I snapped a couple of years back. It was still overgrown, and one of the lamp posts had collapsed. I took another picture just to compare it against my older pics. Still as desolate as ever.
Well, it’s actually not as remote as you’d think. Several houses surround the old lot, and people who live in the area appear to park their cars here occasionally. Also, there’s an unmarked entrance to the lot from Stirling Ave., so the lot could have several uses, such as storing cars for a used auto dealer, or parking for the high school across the street. But it appears to be simply forgotten and unused, the weeds breaking through the asphalt, the trees growing wild, and the lamp posts rusting away until they collapse.
Of course, when I look it up on Google Maps, it appears full of cars, making me look like an idiot. Maybe someone was having a party that day. Or maybe some used car dealer is storing cars there. Or perhaps it’s a hiding spot for stolen cars before they’re taken to the chop shop… the imagination tends to run wild in a place like this.

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