Back to square one

I’m back home again. Still fighting the remnants of a virus I picked up flying down to San Jose.
My flight back was luckily uneventful — it was a non-stop back into Toronto, in an updated Airbus with touchscreen multimedia stations on the backs of the headrests. That was pretty good, and I got a choice of a dozen movies, as well as TV and audio podcasts (for lack of a better word). So I watched the latest Harry Potter film along with the first two thirds of the latest Die Hard film. I was pretty sure I knew where the Die Hard film was going, so had little regrets when we started our descent.
The most unfortunate part of the flight back was that food was still only available for purchase. It wasn’t a problem on the shorter flights, but man, a 5 hour flight without a snack was a bit of a downer. I bought an overpriced cylinder of Pringles during the Die Hard movie.

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