Like A Vagrant

Finally made it back safely, without having to cab it. Now, I’m waiting for my brother and his family to return from the grocery store. Apparently after agreeing that I’d be at their place at 6:30, they went shopping, and I’ve been stuck outside their place for the past 15 minutes now. I feel like a vagrant (and I’m getting some pretty sour looks from other tenants).
So, let’s talk about this interesting scotch I heard about from some techs at the convention. There was this rumour about a black scotch, whose name translated to “dark lake” in Gaelic. I couldn’t find many references to this Loch Dhu on the Web, but just enough to keep the rumour alive.
Well, I found a bottle of this, if you can believe it. There’s a bottle for sale at the House of Edgar (it’s a Scottish shop) in San Francisco. They’re asking $500 for it — not because it’s a particularly good scotch, but it’s because all bottles were recalled and ordered destroyed. Apparently the distiller broke the rules for making scotch whiskey, and continuously re-charred the casks to make the colour as dark as possible. Also, they added a good deal of caramel colour to the whiskey.
So you’re not likely to find any Loch Dhu out there, and if you do, it’ll be really expensive.

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