North on Laguna

Had some lunch at Isobune, which purports to be the original sushi boat restaurant. It’s this big elliptical table with the sushi chefs in a compartment in the middle, and said compartment is ringed by a little moat. In this moat is a bunch of small boats, which float endlessly around the table. And the boats have little colour-coded plates of sushi on them. It’s really great if you want sushi, but can’t wait for it to be made. It’s a bit of a problem, however, if you eat a lot of sushi and are bad at math. Luckily, I was able to keep my appetite in check, and the bill came in at only $20.
I finished up some work, and headed back out, this time heading north on Laguna, with the intent of getting to Fisherman’s Warf and catching a cablecar. I’m currently sitting at The Coffee Roastery on Union, drinking the most expensive apple juice on the planet (we’ll, I’m exaggerating, of course — $2.00 for 296ml).

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