Hotel Kabuki

Made it to San Francisco safely. My brother came down and picked me up after all. His son had a bit of a runny nose, so he kept him home for the day — by “home”, he meant driving down to San Jose to pick up his uncle and then walk all around Japan Town looking at shops. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Glad to be up here and visiting with family. My nephew is cute and incredibly hyper. I gave him a toy foam cow from Tucows and a ball that lights up when you hit it against a hard surface. My brother’s going to hate me.
We dined at a great Japanese restaurant (one of 50 — seriously, there’s something like 8 restaurants adjacent to the hotel in the Miyako Mall). Unfortunately, we were that typical party with a small child who disrupts everyone else’s dinner. For that, I’m truly sorry.
Tomorrow, I’m going to eat breakfast on Fillmore St. and surf the web in about a dozen coffee shops.
The room at the Miyako (now called the Hotel Kabuki) is pretty fantastic. If it weren’t for the noise on the street, lack of a stocked mini-bar, and no bath robes, it would be the perfect hotel room. Some pics follow: