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Hold the Balls, please

Having a great meal at the Habana Cafe. The balls were good, too.

Nice Black Friday Poll

Seen at TorontoSun.com. Sure it’s a page formatting error, but I think it captures the shopping zeitgeist of the U.S....

Durian Cookies

There was a box of these in the lunchroom. Obviously someone bought it without realizing how authentic the durian taste...

Monsters by Tim Murton

Here’s another pic of those strange monster sculptures in Elora. Artist Tim Murton is the creator of the creatures in...

A big bug

Spotted the guy while hanging out on a porch last night.

Nice day for a ride

It’s bike to work day! Motor-bike, that is.

Epic Burger

A chorizo burger with a fried egg on top. Don’t judge me.

Printer is Out To Get Me

Not sure why, by the last two pages of this report came out in some weird language.

Seabreeze Cocktail

Nothing like a Seabreeze to usher in the weekend. Actually, these are closer to a Dutch Punch, since I made...