jPod TV series starts tonight

Alan Thicke plays Ethan’s dad. Trippy. | Columnist | CBC has a winner in jPod

Based on the bestselling novel by Douglas Coupland, the drama flits around five co-workers stationed inside the subterranean colony (the eponymous jPod) of Neotronic Arts, a Vancouver-based video game company.
The five â.. Ethan Jarlewski (David W. Kopp), Bree (Steph Song), Cowboy (Ben Ayres), Kaitlin Joyce (Emilie Ullerup) and John Doe (Torrance Coombs) â.. are working on a new surfboard game.
They also spend a considerable amount of company time playing with remote-controlled cars, solving crossword puzzles, shopping online and, generally speaking, waxing ironically in the angst-coated, culturally savvy, vaguely nihilistic lingua franca popularized by previous Coupland characters.
The Podsters live at a time when work is a lifestyle, when cynicism trumps idealism and your darkest secret is only a Google search away.