Why I am not blogging very much

I’m having lunch at the Williams Coffee Pub on Northfield. It’s myself and 4 other people, mostly because the lunch rush is over, and there’s almost a foot of snow outside. I wasn’t going to go out for lunch, but didn’t really bring anything today, and I didn’t want to break into my stash of protein bars, sardine and tuna cans, and hardtack (yes, really, I have hardtack).
Aside from the occasional link post, it’s been pretty quiet over here at Chez Zuckervati, so I haven’t been blogging much. I have been keeping an eye on the server, though, and am contemplating an upgrade to Movable Type 4.1, now that the 4.x product appears to have stabilized.
I blame the lack of blogging on the weather. Everything’s sort of settled into a cold cocoon, where the only thing I want to do is sit quietly at home, eat comfort food, and watch 3 seasons of “The Wire”. This is not blogging material. This isn’t even living material.
So I’m essentially blogging to say that I’ve nothing to blog about. In response to this predicament, I’m thinking of assigning myself topics for writing — for, you see, you can’t write the Great Canadian Hard-boiled Detective Story That Transcends Genres Into Science Ficton and Horror, While Still Maintaining That Canadian, Douglas Coupland Feel To It without actually writing something … anything. So, this week’s topic is: “Why aren’t you writing more?” This is an open call; I’m interested in seeing if anyone else is reading this, and if they’re willing to write something and tell me about it. I actually get a lot more blog comments and fan mail than I expected, so let’s see if I can influence others to write. That’s my ultimate goal (after taking a bullet for someone).

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