For Sale

This guy set out to make a blog that would earn him enough money to live on. Now that it’s a success, he’s selling his blog. I’m happy for him. (BASTARD.)
A Difficult Decision – For Sale | Blogging Experiment

For an 8 month old blog to have 900 RSS subscribers, and bring in thousands of dollars per month, I think everyone would agree itâ..s been very successful. However, despite that success, I no longer think my time is best spent on this site. I have met amazing people and have learned an incredible amount during this experiment and in the end, thatâ..s actually why I decided to sell. Iâ got two new projects currently in the works that evolved out of this experiment and unfortunately, I just donâ..t have the time or resources to go around.
When I set out on this journey my goal was to discover whether or not an average guy could launch a blog and turn it into a source of a full time income over the course of a year. Many of you will probably look at the sale of this site as the end of that experiment or think that it has failed. While I can certainly understand that sentiment, I would strongly disagree. In just under 8 months I have created a blog that is worth a significant amount of money. Exactly how much will be determined by the auction. But, if I then leverage the income from the sale of this blog, into something that is able to generate a full time income for myself, would that not make the experiment a success?

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