How Scrabulous became a sleazy pickup joint

Ok, I suppose any online portal can be used to troll for sex. It’s not that surprising. I know several people who have carried on virtual affairs in MMORPGs, and have met their future spouses online.
How Scrabulous became a sleazy internet pickup joint, by Will Doig –

“Flirty girlz only who can also have S.E.X.Y. chat,” reads Syed’s open-table Scrabulous challenge. “Age must be less than thirty. Send a msg before playing a game.” According to his stat board, Syed’s player’s rating is 947 â.. not dismal, but nothing to brag about â.. and he’s looking for hot women who play according to the English TWL dictionary.
He’ll find them. Scrabulous, the Facebook application that allows users to play Scrabble against each other online, has turned Hasbro’s slow, stodgy board game for vocabulary enthusiasts into one of the internet’s sleazier pickup joints. “Any ladies want to play strip Scrabulous?” beckons Jamie. “Hot women, MILF only, no men, prefer Canadian,” specifies Mike. “Just waiting 4 the right horney [sic] women to appear!!!!” announces Andrew, adding, “Like blondes but all welcome.”

Sure, it’s not my thing, but I — wha??

“I’ve played games where I have been made to feel so horny I had to touch myself,” says Alicia, a slightly older woman with whom I ended up engaged in a particularly licentious match. The atmosphere within Scrabulous has become so amorous that players who don’t want to talk dirty while they play have begun specifying so: “Looking for a player with a similar rating to me, no sex chat nonsense,” reads one open challenge. “Just a regular game, no pervs,” reads another. A few weeks ago, the game’s administrators finally added a function that cordons off “adults only” tables into a section separate from games “suitable for all ages.”

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