Cooking for Engineers reviews Chili’s bacon burger

As usual, he provides some great pictures, and brings calipers to the restaurant. Now that’s an engineer for you.
Chili’s Bacon Burger – Off Topic – Cooking For Engineers

From my pocket, I produced calipers with which I proceeded to measure the thickness of the bacon (one of the strips I had ordered on the side for this specific purpose – if I was going to contaminate some bacon, I wasn’t going to sacrifice one of the ones on my burger!). Having done the measurements, I can now report that (on Friday, April 13, 2008 at the Chili’s in Santa Clara, California) they served bacon that was (to an accuracy of 1/128th of an inch) 3/16 in. thick (4.75 mm ˜ 0.2mm) after cooking. In my experience, that’s really thick bacon.

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