Crystal skull inspired Indiana Jones film

Great. One more Canadian kook with a crystal skull, riding on the media bandwagon of the new (and boring) Indiana Jones movie.
Skull ‘find’ inspires Indiana Jones

The late Anna Mitchell-Hedges — a Port Colborne, Ont., orphan who was adopted by British adventurer Frederick Mitchell-Hedges in the early 1900s and died just last year at age 100 — spent her long life retelling the tale of her chance sighting of a glinting object amid Mayan ruins in Belize.
The purported discovery spawned an enduring popular fascination with crystal skulls and their supposed mythic powers — the perfect backdrop for the new Indy sequel, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which takes its place alongside the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade in the lucrative film franchise created by George Lucas, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Harrison Ford as the swashbuckling archeologist-action hero Jones.

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  • it would seem that the recipe of a good Indiana Jones film would be 1 part Nazis and 1 part Biblical Artefact… the Soviet army does a pretty good job of replacing the Nazis, but the other thing…