Gadgets that go inside you

People in the other cubicles can hear me laughing.
Top X: Gadgets that go inside you – Boing Boing Gadgets
Swallowable Camera-in-a-pill
Rob: If a colonoscopy would be simply too much for the fragile rose of your rectum, consider swallowing a minuscule tract-exploring camera-in-a-pill. Manufactured by Micron Technology of Boise, Idaho, these tiny little buggers cost only $300 and contain a similarly small CMOS sensor, which snaps a picture every few seconds as it quests through your dark dungeons.
Originally introduced in 2001, it’s won an award for the “non-invasive direct visualization of the entire small intestine.” Did you know they gave out awards for that? Now you do.
Joel: I’m not sure you swallow pills exactly the same way I do.

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