Online community for beautiful people

… or for regular people using glamour shots, or for people with webcams.
More like it’s for people with seriously damaged egos. They have a height and weight listing for user profiles, but which are only ranges of heights and weights (i.e. people are 5’7″-5’11”).
The weight system is even more baffling, since most of the guys are either 5 or 6kg. What does that even mean?
Only the beautiful people need apply

Like a gated community for hotties, is an elite Canadian club with “a strict ban on ugliness.” Officially launching today, the controversial site — versions of which have been introduced successfully in 15 other countries since 2002 — is only open to men and women who are easy on the eyes, with members rating the photos of new applicants to determine their eligibility.
If you look like Charlize Theron, you’re in. If you look like Charlize Theron in Monster, you’re out.
Calling BeautifulPeople elitist but fair, the site’s operators say they’re “separating the hippos from the cheetahs” in the social networking jungle.

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