Kayaking in the Apostle Islands

This looks like a cool little trip, until you realize it’s on the far side of Lake Superior (and on the U.S. side). Might be nice to sail there…
Apostle Islands – The Lonely Paradise at Americaâ..s Ceiling – NYTimes.com

Twenty-one of these islands make up Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, an archipelago with a long history of logging, shipping, stone quarrying and fishing. Nonetheless, the islands remain so magnificent and nearly pristine in appearance that 80 percent of the national lakeshore is designated as wilderness.
Among the Apostlesâ.. notable features are six outstanding lighthouses, now on the National Register of Historic Places, that once guided sailing ships and steamships through the islandsâ.. channels. Over the years, I had paddled to the Gothic-style house on Sand Island built of locally quarried brownstone, the cheery white clapboard structure on Raspberry Island, and the two (yes, two) lighthouses on Michigan Island. (The second replaced the first, which had been built too low and, as it turned out, on the wrong island, having been intended for Long Island.)

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