I like Maurice Sendak

Even though he hates many things. It’s difficult to imaging a children’s author with so much hatred, which is why there may yet be hope for me as a children’s author.

â..I hate people,â. he said at one point, extolling the superior company of dogs, like his sweet-tempered German shepherd, Herman (after Melville).
He is, at heart, a curmudgeon, but a delightful one, with a vast range of knowledge, a wicked sense of humor and a talent for storytelling and mimicry.

And he hates a lot of things:

His hatreds are fierce and grand, as if produced by Cecil B. DeMille. He hates his uncle (who made a cruel comment about him when he was a boy); he hates anything to do with God or religion, and Judaism in particular (â..We were the â..chosen people,â.. chosen to be killed?â.)

Maurice Sendakâ..s Concerns, Beyond Where the Wild Things Are – NYTimes.com

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