Gatheryn: A cool steampunk MMO

Sounds like a neat idea, designed for the casual gamer. There’s a beta coming soon, so you might consider signing up.
The World of Gatheryn : Begin the Journey

Come, journey to Gatheryn, a massive multi-player world of adventure, mystery and romance. Make your way through an ever expanding world, making new friends and enemies as you work through interactive games and puzzles, new adventures appearing with each successful solution. You can hop aboard the nearest air ship to reach a myriad of destinations or just to satisfy the explorer inside you.
Assume any of various roles of Victorian themed characters as you explore, socialize and quest your way through this amazing world. Scurry along the wharves and climb the riggings on wooden tall ships the likes of which you have never experienced before. Traipse along the avenues or skulk through the cemetery as the full moon lights your way. This is a time and place of mysteries to be unraveled and puzzles to be conquered, of land to explore and life to be LIVED!!

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