Bethesda Softworks ‘nervous’ about Fallout 3 reviews

Although, we don’t know why, since the game looks fantastic.
Bethesda: We’re “Always Nervous” About Reviews | Edge Online

But despite the numerous pre-release awards and hype amongst the press and gamers (not to mention the studio’s stellar RPG track record), Bethesda was still awaiting today’s official release with much anticipation.
“We’re never really sure how these [reviews] will turn out,” Bethesda PR boss told Edge in an e-mail. “So in general, we’re always nervous/anxious.
“Obviously, we had some early indications from folks that played the game first for print magazines here and in Europe. The 10 out of 10 from Official Xbox Magazine here in the U.S. gave us an indication that at least somebody really liked it.

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