Love isn’t easy

Interesting MMO concept about a player-editable world, which is part Myst, part Spore, and part first-person-shooter.
Also, it’s being made and developed by one guy. Eskil Steenberg.
See the trailer here.
Love About.txt

This is a game to play with your friends, and for them to play with their friends. Never enough to be crowded; never so few to be alone. You can make your mark, but as in life, itâ..s not a contest. Itâ..s not about who you are; itâ..s about the things you do. There is a small planet waiting for you to explore. There is an empire waiting for you to overthrow.
What could be better than you and your mates on an adventure for the benefit of everyone? Play whenever you want, make your mark, then come back later and see how itâ..s changed. There is always something new to discover, someplace you havenâ..t seen. Love is not a casual thing you need to take seriously â.. itâ..s the most serious thing, in a casual way. If Love isnâ..t easy, youâ doing it wrong.
You wonâ..t be told a story, but you will get to live one. Itâ..s not what is given to you, itâ..s what you do when you hold it. The more you give, the more you get. Love your planet, and everyone whoâ..s on it. We know you can, so just go for it. Itâ..s the right thing to do, and you know it.

Here’s an interesting description from

So far heâ..s already populated it with weird animals and wondrous, gaseous visuals, and he intends to build the world into a kind of communal adventure, where gamers work together to furnish a central village, defend it from enemy attack, and explore the surround world and its many dungeons. Players will be able to do things like deform elements of terrain, allowing them to build tunnel networks or walls to defend their property. Items will also be intended for the good of all as Steenberg creates them and drops them into the world. You wonâ..t be picking up rifles in your adventures, but more likely the plans for the rifle-building machine, that can then be utilised by everyone in your village. Part Zelda, part Tale In The Desert, part adventure shooter, and wholly abstract and beautiful, Love looks the kind of amalgam of art, programming and internet savvy that weâ desired without even being able to imagine. It has the potential, and Steenberg has the huge intellect, for this to be one of the most precious events in PC gaming.

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