Spotting Fake Boobs

From COED Magazine. I can usually tell. I have what you call boobdar. But there are some good pointers in this article, along with some helpful visual aids.
COED MagazineBreast Test: How To Tell If She Has Fake Boobs

Real breasts move. They jiggle and sway and swing. And we love every single second of it. Fake boobs, on the other hand, donâ..t do a damn thing. Unfortunately, you canâ..t tell how a set of knockers knock just by looking at (most) pictures. So this doesnâ..t do you any good there.
But if you can see the lady in question in action, watch for what the breasts do during any quick movements. If sheâ..s kept what her momma gave â, then they should heave, change shape and yes, bounce. If they donâ..t, theyâ fake. But in the end, boobs are boobs and, fake or not, weâ always happy to have a pair around.

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