Zork to be MMO

Oh. Your. God. This is awesome.
Jolt reviving Zork as browser-MMO – Offworld

Today’s guardedly optimistic revival: casual MMO developer Jolt (they of the recent Google Maps enhanced long-distance trucker MMO Trukz [which friend of Offworld Mathew Kumar recently detailed]) have announced a revival of Infocom’s foundational text adventure Zork as a browser-based casual MMO.
Though they haven’t yet detailed how the game itself will operate, they have said Legends of Zork will provide a persistent world for all its players, who will take the role of a “laid-off salesman and part-time loot-gatherer, as he explores the Great Underground Empire.”
Reassuringly, it looks to be as much a labor of love as any: the game’s blog notes that “Double Fanucci also makes an appearance, in the form of a full deck of 174 Fanucci cards that you can collect and use to improve your skills,” and furthermore says that its multiplayer return will extend to grouping for tougher quests and arena battles.

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