How to be Skeptical of Multi Level Marketing Scams

A really good article about how not to fall for MLM scams. While I’ve never been dragged into one of these, I was subjected to an intense hard sell time-share scam.
Know the warning signs:
– High pressure to make a commitment right away.
– Recruiting new people is way more important that selling the “product”.
– Fees from your recruits are more important that selling or marketing anything.

We get to the bar and they’re both there with their laptops. Promoter Guy comes over to sit with us, tray of Jager shots in tow while Old Asshole Rocker Who’s Shit Smells of Sandalwood stayed at another table. The way PG started talking to us was completely different from when we did shows with us; he apparently had been studying Douchebaglish since the last time we me and was happy to share this new language with us. I instantly knew that I was not going to get a way to “get my music out there” but was puckering my butthole up for a sales pitch. Oh well, at least I’d be getting drunk for free.
He presented us with this general idea: You pay $400 in startup fees and you are given a website created for you. You then sell music from this website for $.99 a download, and you get paid for every song sold. The best part was that we could put our own songs on there and the “Burnlounge Community” would be able to see and buy our songs!

95% Of You Are Morons: Multi Level Marketing is Gibberish for Sack of Magic Beans – Part I of III
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