Revising Movable Type 4’s QuickPost Bookmarklet

Good little tip from BrainLog

In MT 4, the QuickPost bookmarklet pre-populates the entry’s title with the title of the page, and sticks the URL of the page and the selected text in the message body. The URL is not a link, it’s just the URL, followed by two <br /> tags, then the selected text, if any. Like this:
[Title:] Title Of Page
http://url-of-page/<br /><br />
Selected text, if any.

The new behavior is weird. Entry titles are all the rage with newer blogs and RSS feeds, so I’ll grant that I’m behind the times for not using entry titles on short link-y entries. And perhaps usability studies showed that most people didn’t want the page title to be the link text, though it doesn’t seem like a hassle to make that the default. But I can’t think of a reason why I’d want to use the URL without being a link.

Revising Movable Type 4’s QuickPost Bookmarklet – BrainLog

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