Fight Club?

I guess kids don’t have enough to keep them stimulated these days. Some kids in Brandon, Manitoba have been caught doing a kind of ‘Fight Club’, modeled atter the movie. They got found out when teens started coming home with unexplained bruises and other damage to their bodies. One teen suffered a ruptured spleen, and was close to death. Man. Sure, boxing is cool, and UFC is the latest craze. But to start your own fight club?

A Winnipeg woman says her son is lucky to be alive after being seriously injured in a consensual Fight Club-style scrap in Brandon earlier this month.
Rae Saville said she was disgusted to learn her 19-year-old son Keegan Saville was allegedly part of the club called “Brandon Beat Down” — a group possibly modelled on the 1999 movie Fight Club starring Brad Pitt.

Maybe the UFC should show a little more of the behind-the-scenes training, and the recovery portion of the fights. These are trained athletes in top physical condition, getting the craaap beaten out of them. Hell, I gently spar with women in my training class, and I still get black eyes. Here, look:
Yup, that’s me after getting my eye punched in. Granted, it’s only a blood blister, and I didn’t notice it until R asked my why I was wearing eye shadow. (And wow, why didn’t anyone tell me my nose was so big?)
I do have to agree with the mother here:

“What happened to getting drunk and chasing girls on a Friday night? When did that not become fun?”

Ma’am, there’s nothing wrong with that. It has always been fun.
Brandon teen seriously injured in ‘Fight Club’ | Manitoba | News | Winnipeg Sun

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