How Often Should You Flip a Burger?

A fascinating look at the ongoing argument of burger flipping. I’ve always been a nervous flipper, myself.

The answer to the ‘how often?’ question may surprise you.

A more important question being asked is: Is there a better way?


To test this, I formed a dozen 1/2-pound burgers into equal-sized patties*, seasoned them just before cooking with an equal amount of kosher salt and black pepper, then seared them in a steel skillet pre-heated to 450°F (which I temped with an infrared thermometer before adding the patties). The ambient air in the kitchen was at an unbearably hot 76°F (my Colombian wife was home, and thus the heating was on full blast**). Each patty was cooked to an internal temperature of 125°F, and was then rested for five minutes at room temperature before being autopsied for examination.

The Burger Lab: How Often Should You Flip a Burger? | A Hamburger Today

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