Cowboys and Aliens

So this is kinda awesome. Came in right under the radar. Topless Robot – The Cowboys and Aliens Trailer Features...

Games are getting really good

Check out this trailer for L. A. Noire. All the footage is pulled from in-game action. YouTube – LA Noire...

The Charleston

Apropos of nothing, here’s some awesome Charleston dancing. YouTube – charleston style

BioShock Infinite looks good

And by good, I mean fucking awesome! Holy crap! Murder by crows…. YouTube – BioShock Infinite: Gameplay trailer

Scott Pilgrim VS. The Matrix

Suddenly the Matrix just got cool again. YouTube – “SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE MATRIX”

If only Die Hard was like this…

C’mon. Imagine this was Bruce Willis. Or even Regis Philbin. YouTube – Unbelievable Action Scene Ever Created: P9

IT Crowd Season 4 is Coming

Here’s some flippin promos! YouTube – The It Crowd – Season 4 (Promo 1)

Ok, so maybe I want to see the Scott Pilgrim movie

Yeah. YouTube – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | International Trailer

Star Wars Corsets

Hey baby, I am the droids you’re looking for. Star Wars Corsets: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Go See Iron Man IV

It’s like every movie I’ve ever seen, and more! YouTube – Iron Man IV Via Topless Robot