How to pet a kitty

Another fun and educational comic from The Oatmeal How to pet a kitty – The Oatmeal

Proof that animals use tools

Cats in particular. This one might just be ready to take over the world. YouTube – Genius Cat Uses Forcefield...

Cats are Weird

Though this one appears to be a cunning linguist. YouTube – Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

Cats are fun

My cats do shit like this all the time. You don’t see me filming it. YouTube – THE BEST CAT...

She and Her Cat

Cute little anime story. Worth a watch. YouTube – She and Her Cat

17 Things About Your Cat

Cats certainly have things about them worth knowing. 17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat – The Oatmeal –

Cats can has H1N1? Oh noes!

Uh-oh. That’s why the cat is sneezing. On Wednesday, the Iowa Department of Public Health reported the first confirmed case...

Test entry for new Asset widget

Just testing a new asset widget for Movable Type. Didn’t work, so I fudged the result. This is a cat.

Scary Cat Eyes

I was digging through my camera, cleaning out some unwanted pictures and trying to clear a little space on the...