Full Metal Disney

You know, that new Kubrick/Disney film? Hey, he worked with Spielberg. Why not? YouTube – Full Metal Disney

Horrifying New Verses in ‘Star Spangled Banner’

It’s quite catchy. Restoration Of ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Uncovers Horrifying New Verses Restoration Of ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Uncovers Horrifying New...

The Twilight movie was actually good

Man, what was I thinking? This movie rocks. YouTube – Twilight: For Guys!!

Snuggie D-Lux

I have one of the reverse snuggies. It’s great when I’m getting out of the shower. YouTube – Snuggie D-Lux

America’s Dr. Who (gives a crap)

It’s sad, but I’d probably watch this. YouTube – AMERICA’S DR. WHO!

Creepy Little Golden Books

I’m pretty sure I read this one as a kid. Whoa, creepy. Design Fetish: These Golden Books Are Not For...

Old Trailer for “The Empire Strikes Back”

Really old. Like 1950s old. YouTube – “Premakes” The Empire Strikes Back (1950)

Starcraft 2 Looks Promising

I’d get it right now, but it takes 150 floppies. YouTube – 8-bit Starcraft

Just Look Around You

Math is really hard. I mean really. YouTube – Look Around You – Playlist

Godwin’s Law: Solar Powered Bibles

Who knew Hitler was such a humanitarian? And a humanist? YouTube – Hitler finds out christians are sending solar powered...