Ah, drinking

Got to do some drinking tonight. Boy, was it ever a week for beer (the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems). Went with J to the Barley Works pub on Princess and we split a pitcher and a plate of nachos. The one thing that amazes me about that place is the number of TVs — both CRT and projection screens. I was a little surprised to see a small swatch of actual wall in between a couple of the screens. It appeared to be made of exposed brick. Even the coffee shop downstairs (1842) has a TV.
In an interesting twist, the annoying customer that has been plaguing my dreams and threatening my sanity ended up losing his customer. Ah, well, c’est la vie, non? It certainly wasn’t through my doing, but here’s a bit of advice. If you constantly (I mean from day one) complain that you’ll lose your customer if they don’t get proper support, one or two things are going to happen: a) the people who support you will likely begin to want you to lose your customer, and b) you will lose your customer.

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