Happy Belated St. Pat’s

Drinking a tall Americano at 1842. It’s none too crowded here. I got another big hello, and a comment about having “the smallest laptop in the world”.
Garbage Day. Got to ditch all the crap I dug out of the basement this past week, including about 2 dozen CD cases from under the stairs. These were left over from you couldn’t buy CD-Rs on spools, and had to get them in those bulky and breakable Jewel cases. There’s still the aftermath of the Girls’ Night Out at my place last night. R was hosting, so I made myself scarce. That, and I had a dentist appointment in Stratford, so I had dinner there and took my time getting home. Pretty dismal track record for St. Patrick’s Day — not one single beer. Just coffee and a serious teeth-cleaning. I plan on celebrating tonight, if possible. So happy belated St. Patrick’s Day….
Looks like Otomo’s “SteamBoy” is opening today. I wanted to go see it, but wanted to catch it in Japanese first. Reviews are mixed (currently 24 reviews on RottenTomatoes.com with a 62% rating), and I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the reviews comment on the English dubbing. Seriously, I like Patrick Stewart a lot, but you should use him like a cook uses saffron — he doesn’t need to be in every anime film… I just recently got Naussica on the special edition DVD, and he’s in it. Pretty soon, he and Frank Welker will be competing for top spot in cartoon appearances. Ah, I kid.

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