Ahm Nae Cheap

R and I were buying booze for a friend’s birthday over the weekend, and we came up with a bit of an epiphany with respect to derogatory racial/cultural stereotypes: I wandered into the scotch section, and stood transfixed for a number of minutes, intent on buying a new bottle of scotch (incidentally, there’s a Johnny Walker “Green” Label now). I kept wanting to buy a bottle of 15yr old or better, but kept lamenting over how much more affordable the 10yr old scotches were. R watched for a few minutes, and patiently listened to my plight, about how 10yr old scotch tasted terrible, but that the 18yr old Glenfiddich was probably delicious — a veritable nectar of the gods. R then giggled to herself and speculated that true Scotsmen probably never tasted good scotch because they (Scotsmen) are inherently cheap thrifty. Really, they should sell fine scotch in smaller bottles, so that the true Scotsmen can get some. They’ll try it out, and complain a bit about how little you get for your money. They’ll drink about half of it, then add a little water, and maybe serve it to their friends.
This came up again this morning, when she saw the big block of Black Diamond cheese in the fridge. I pointed out that I bought it last night, figuring we’d been buying so many small blocks of good cheese — that I should buy a big block of cheap cheese to help make the good stuff last longer. This really got her laughing.

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