Cool house party

Went to a pretty swell party Saturday night. It was a house party — a good old fashioned house party, hosted by a friend of a friend. This was a really professional affair — they had a dedicated bar staff, and people serving hors d’oeuvres on little trays. Got to meet a bunch of new people and contacts, and got to know some casual acquaintances a little better. There were quite a few hipsters there as well — my guess is that most of KW’s trendy scene showed up. It made me a little disappointed I didn’t dress better, or dye my beard some cewl colour.
I was playing chauffeur, at least at the beginning of the night, and we managed to cram the car with R and C+C+J. We all split up when we got there (figured we could cause more damage that way) and met back up on the way out. I could have stayed a few more hours, easily. Kept the drinking to a minimum, and didn’t eat very much, despite the flowing alcohol and the abundant (and mighty tasty) snacks.
Man, I haven’t been to a house party in years. I started hosting them, just so that I could go to one. And mine never turned out as good and as big as this one. I knew hardly anybody outside of my own group. It’s got me aching to host another one, using some of the ideas this guy had. R made me promise not to go crazy and host anything big until the bar gets redone. When it’s finished, I can hold a bar-warming party. Sounds fair.

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