How to get laid in WOW

So, dudes are chicks, and broadsword = Ferrari = penis extension. OK, got it.
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So what advice would you give to guy trying to meet a girl in World Of Warcraft?
Well, most of the female avatars in World of Warcraft are actually guys. So if you’re a guy looking to meet girls, you need to make sure to put the person you’re interested in through that vetting process. And if you’re a girl, be prepared to fight guys off with a stick because there’s a lot more of them than there are female gamers. You should join a large guild and pair with other people to go on missions. Try and meet people who are on your same level.
Would it matter to you if the guy’s a noob?
Yeah, I hate to say that, but if you’re a noob you probably won’t get a second glance. Just like in real life when a guy drives a Ferrari, it might not be an automatic thumbs up, but it does catch the eye. So if you have the Ferrari of broadswords, yeah.