Was DJ Hero a Flop?

The numbers weren’t so good, and DJ’ing isn’t really a group activity. Also, it’s really expensive. And apparently, awesome.

Is there hope?
Honestly, it’s going to be hard to overcome these challenges. There is already a low margin on plastic instruments, so it’s going to be hard to drop the price on the game and still make a profit. DJ culture is unlikely to explode in the next few months to give the game a sales boost. People are increasingly drawn into more social experiences, and this is a rare beast: a rhythm game best played alone.
Which is a shame: the game is wonderful. The music sounds great, the gameplay is addictive once you get the hang of things, and Activision has proven that they can create a high-quality rhythm game without a roadmap being given to them by Harmonix. It’s worth your time and money. Will it get them?

Innovating problems: why DJ Hero flopped – Ars Technica

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