Publishing Trends: Tropes Readers Want

This is an interesting article for those who are looking to punch up their manuscripts, or are looking for something new to write that’s in the cultural zeitgeist. We mock tropes for being hackneyed, but if that’s what people want, you may as well find the most appropriate trope for your reader base.

Whether you’re looking to write to market or are scouring manuscript submissions for your next acquisition, knowing what tropes appeal to readers can help inform your decision. We see different trends in different categories. And studying these trends, especially those that have been selling well recently, will help you learn what content can best engage your audience.

Here’s an example of what people are looking for (according to BookBub):

Literary Fiction Trends : Small towns

Literary fiction often helps us reflect on how we as individuals belong in a community. Small towns — where everyone’s business is inescapable — are the perfect settings for exploring the divides between personal ambition, duty, and home.


Source: Publishing Trends: Tropes Readers Adore Across 15 Fiction Genres

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