How to pack like a man

As anachronistic as the sexist title sounds, there is actually some good advice here, including tricks such as how to prevent wrinkles in your clothes, how to pack shoes properly, and how to pack a dress jacket (something which I always have trouble with).
How to Pack a Bag for Travel | The Art of Manliness

Leave a little room for souvenirs. If youâ going on vacation and expect to bring back some goodies for yourself and your loves ones, donâ..t pack your bag to the brim or you wonâ..t have any room to tote the plunder back. If you plan on bringing a ton of stuff home, pack a collapsible bag inside of your bigger bag, and you can fill it with your booty.
Mix it up with your travel buddy. If youâ traveling with your bud or your girl, itâ..s a good idea to pack half of your clothes in her bag and half of her clothes in your bag. That way in case one of your bags gets lost while traveling, youâ..ll still have access to some of your clothes.
Steam it up. Itâ..s hard to avoid wrinkling your clothes during transit. When you arrive to your destination, itâ..s best to unpack right away so you can let your clothes relax before creases and wrinkles get a chance to set. If you still have some wrinkles in your clothes, hang them up in the bathroom while youâ taking a hot steamy shower. This should help reduce any wrinkling.

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