Go, Galt, Go

Important reading for those about to vote tomorrow. Think about how the wealthy abandon the world in Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and wonder how they’d survive on their own.

Why is there still such a focus on a book populated by characters with square jaws but paper thin personalities who spend their time kicking over the most shoddily-assembled straw men ever to flop onto a page? What’s so important about Rand’s talky tomes that someone would throw away $20 million on a film with worse dialog than Mega-Python vs. Gatoroid (yes, that’s a real film) then turn around and do it again?
It’s important because these Republicans, the ones who have captured the party of Lincoln and reshaped it into the party of Limbaugh, are the children of Rand. Sure, they may invoke the name of Reagan as the root of their movement, but the followers of Reagan are exactly the kind of Republicans now being chased out of offices both state and federal. The ones too weak to regard every instance of selflessness as a sin, too ignorant to know that any effort toward community is only a few letters away from communism. This isn’t Reagan’s party. It’s not even the party of George Bush. It’s the Grand Objectivist Party, and it’s proud of it.

Daily Kos: Go, Galt, Go

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