Terrific Sunset

Lots of colour in last night’s sunset, just before the snow started falling.

Fire Destroys Businesses in Waterloo Plaza

This is kinda depressing. No more Mel’s Diner, Mr. Sushi, or Al Madina. A fire Thursday morning destroyed several businesses...

Friday’s Coffee

Culture de Café. In those big cups they have here.

The Big Hill

Well, not *big*; it was a blue square hill. A little tougher; a lot steeper.

Highest IQ in Waterloo?

Whoa. That’s a toughie. What with the High-tech triangle, RIM, those nerds at the University of Waterloo, and the Perimeter...

The last of the snow

Some pictures of our pathetic snowbank that was about 4m high during its peak. The warm weather we had this...